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Dome9 Basic Firewall Emergency Mode

categoery: Network , Firewall


Emergency Mode is defined as a service state in which the Dome9 Agent is
unable to communicate with Dome9 Central. Reasons could be: DDOS on
Dome9, DDOS on your server and/or ISP network, Dome9 downtime etc. To
allow administrators access to their servers during this service interruption,
we have created an Emergency Security Policy (firewall rules) that take
effect automatically via the Agent after it and Dome9 Central go without
communication for a predetermined (user configurable) time.

The default Emergency Security Policy opens all on-demand ports of the
normal policy. For example, if the normal policy is to allow HTTP (TCP 80) from
anywhere and SSH (TCP 22) On-Demand, then the Emergency Security Policy
is to allow both HTTP and SSH from anywhere.

Note: The Dome9 Agent will attempt to re-establish communication, indefinitely,
with Dome9 Central. Once communication is re-established, the Agent will
retrieve the current policy and end Emergency Mode.