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Ordering A New Server Through My.Krypt

categoery: My.Krypt

My.Krypt allows you, as a logged in and verified customer, to order new servers much quicker without needing to leave My.Krypt. No need to go through multiple steps and login to place an order.

After logging into My.Krypt, navigate to the Orders tab.


The Orders section of My.Krypt will show you a list of servers based on their processor type. This allows you to scan our available packages and find a server that fits your needs. Once you have located a package, you can click on the "Order Now" link at the right of the row.

The following page will show you a list of servers matching the processor type, but available for rapid deployment. You will also have the option to configure a server with that processor type if none of the rapid deployment servers match your requirements.

If the server type is sold out, My.Krypt provides a list of related servers that may match your requirements.


After hitting "Order Now" from the package details page, you will be taken to the order form where you can checkout.